Welcome To HOThead - New York's premier and award winning full service creative facility.

HOThead emerged following the retirement of original owner -- legendary sound guru Tom Clack -- and the taking over of the facility by its principal engineers.

Since then, HOThead has grown to offer a comprehensive suite of services to its ever expanding client base. Between creative direction, producing, HD video editing, surround sound mixing, and motion graphics -- HOThead has evolved into a full service top to bottom one-stop shop for all your creative needs.

In addition to a huge range of noise making gizmos, widgets and doodahs, HOThead offers a fully-networked sound library of close to half a terabyte of sound effects built of original material and hundreds of sound FX collections. This enables the designers to effortlessly create original sounds and atmospheres that reflect the individual engineer's work, personality and environment.

The multi-talented staff at HOThead plays every instrument imaginable and for years has been composing jingles, scores, musical mnemonics and ID's for the full spectrum of media, networks and brands.

HOThead has installed 3 new edit and motion graphics stations and suites with more to come. You can work simultaneously on graphics, editing and mix or go seamlessly back and forth while sharing files through our high-speed networked machines.

Whether you need pre-production, original music, post production (including radio and mix to picture), sound design, foley, ISDN, HD video editing, motion graphics or much, much more, HOThead is the place to be.

HOThead prides itself on its friendly, at home feel. Combined with the experienced, creative staff and state of the art technology, HOThead is a rare facility indeed.

HOThead -- hear what happens next!

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